GORILLA MASK “HOWL!” (Between the Lines)


GORILLA MASK – “HOWL!”, 2012 Between the Lines

Peter Van Huffel – alto sax
Roland Fidezius – bass & noise
Rudi Fischerlehner – drums

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1) Legendarious
2) Z
3) Fire Burning
4) Monkey’s Revenge
5) Dirty City
6) Haven’t You Learned Your Lesson Yet?
7) Iggy’s Secret
8) Fucked
9) Angry Monster

All compositions by Peter Van Huffel

Recorded October 8, 201at Maarweg Studios, Cologne, Germany.
Mixed at Tonart Studios, Kerpen-Horrem, Germany.
Recorded and Mixed by Christian Heck.
Mastered by Andreas Kolinski.

Musician / Composer